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Loretta Lam: Email | Events | Shop

Loretta Lam’s award-winning book Mastering Contemporary Jewelry Design, has generated a series of incredible workshops where, you too, can take your artistic practice from good to great!

“Feeling anxious about how to express your authentic self as a creative maker? Relax, Loretta will guide you through the design process. I’m forever grateful to have studied with her.” Barb Nugent

“You will gain a greater understanding of YOU the artist, which will unleash lots of creativity! You don’t want to miss this!” Rebecca Thickbroom

“I must tell you what an impact these classes have had on me! I am completely overjoyed. The possibilities, and new knowledge, are gifts I am eternally grateful for. My heartfelt appreciation.”  Maria Goodwin

If you are ready to commit to your artistic growth, I’ll be happy to travel the road with you! New series starts March 5-6. Contact me now to reserve your space.


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