Schedule of Events

We are thrilled to welcome you to this year’s virtual Clayathon, featuring Guest Artist Loretta Lam!

Clayathon 2022 Calendar

  • Pre-Retreat Workshops: Thursday and Friday, February 17th and 18th
  • Opening Meet and Greet: Friday night, February 18th
  • Clayathon Retreat: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, February 19th, 20th, and 21st
  • Post-Retreat Workshops: Tuesday and Wednesday, February 22nd and 23rd

All Clayathon 2022 events will be virtual Zoom-based events. If you need Zoom help, please see the resources we have collected for you.


Registration for the three-day Clayathon retreat is now closed.

For workshop registration, please contact the individual teachers.

Interactive Calendar

The calendar below is a work in progress. For pre- and post-retreat workshop descriptions please visit our Workshops page.

All events are in Eastern Standard Time (or UTC-5). If you’re attending from another time zone, try this calculator to convert to your time.

Please note: For those workshops where a time has not be specified, we’ve assumed 9AM to 5PM EST for the purposes of this calendar. Your teacher is the final authority for what the actual workshop times will be!

All retreat events will take place in the Clayathon Zoom Room. You will find that link in your Welcome email. Workshop access is different and will be provided by the teacher of each workshop. If you are unsure how to connect with your class, please contact the teacher at the email address listed in the workshop description.