Clayathon Slack Community

We have a Slack community set up for text-based chat, and all attendees and teachers are welcome to join. The Slack chat is open 24/7, and is perfect for those who want to keep the conversation going after the day’s events are over.

How to Join

You can get the Slack link on our Resources page. (The Resources page password is the same one you use to access the main Zoom room for the retreat.)

If you are unable to access Resources, please email . We will be comparing your email address to the Clayathon registration list before granting access to our Slack community, so if you are sending your request from another address, please let us know that.

Please note that participation in the Clayathon Slack is completely optional. Your teachers and members of the tech team may be there to chat with you, but we cannot guarantee it. As such, it is not an official channel for technical support, or for help with workshop questions.

What is Slack

Slack is a group chat software that allows organizations to easily communicate in real time, in topical “channels.” We’ve created a few public channels to get you started, but if your class or group of friends would like its own separate channel, please contact and the tech team will create that channel for you.

You don’t need to download any software to use Slack. You can simply visit the Clayathon Slack in your computer’s browser. If you would like to download the Slack app, though, you may do so here: