Breakout Rooms

On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday during the Clayathon, there will be a period later in the day when Breakout Rooms will be offered, organized around a variety of subjects. We will use the same list for each day, so you will have a chance to sample several.

These rooms will have moderators, but not a particular expert in the subject. The idea is to share information and questions among those who attend. At the beginning, there will be a chance for each person in the room to respond briefly to one of these prompts:

  • This is what I’m doing with this technique.
  • This is a helpful hint I have for this technique.
  • This is the question I have about this technique.

If you choose not to respond to these initial prompts, that is fine. You can just “pass.”

After that, there can be a more free-ranging conversation, although the moderators will help make sure that a variety of voices are heard.

The time isn’t terribly long — 45 minutes — but we hope that these times will spark ideas and connections. We will be using Zoom’s ability to have participants choose their own breakout rooms. We will review that process during the Meet & Greet on the first night. Additionally, there will be tech support to help you get to a room if you are having trouble.

In addition to the topic rooms, we will have several rooms available where participants can just meet up and chat or reconnect. This may take a bit of planning on your end if there is someone you would like to meet up with. You could do that in advance through the direct chat function in Zoom, or you could just stay in the main room, make a plan, and then go to a room. You would simply need to find an “empty” room that you agree to go to.
Because participants can move freely between rooms, someone might “drop by” your
conversation, so we hope you will all be welcoming if that happens.

With these “spare” rooms, you could also spontaneously organize a group gathering of some sort—like getting together with the people in your guild, for example, or getting a group together to discuss one of the presentations. You will probably want to organize that through the chat function, as opposed to trying to say something in the main room, where things can get confusing sound-wise if several are trying to do that.

We hope you will find these Breakout Room oportunities interesting and helpful!