Zoom General Tips

For the best Clayathon experience possible, we strongly recommend that you have the latest version of Zoom installed for your device. Here’s how to update your Zoom software.

If you have never installed Zoom before, you can follow one of these links to download the correct version of Zoom:

Using Zoom on a computer will allow you to see more of your fellow attendees, but an iPad or Android tablet will also do. TIP: While it is technically possible to use Zoom on a phone, we do think you would be happier using the biggest screen possible. It is your choice, though!

See our Zoom Tips document for more.

Zoom Video Tutorials

If you’re new to Zoom, or need a refresher, please enjoy this playlist with four helpful videos from Clayathon’s previous technical advisor, Jan Keck:

Clayathon Zoom Etiquette

The retreat will open at 9:30am EST each morning, and the Guest Artist demo will begin at 10am. Any changes to the program schedule will be announced during this first session, and technical help will be provided. Log in early and take advantage of this time to get yourself situated and comfortable with the software. This is the time to ask the tech team any questions you may have!

IMPORTANT: You need to be ready when the demos begin, as we don’t plan to stop to offer technical help once the program has started. 

During most retreat events the presenters will be “spotlighted.” This means they will appear in the largest panel(s) in the Zoom window, so you can easily see what they are doing.

To make sure you can hear what the presenters are saying, attendee’s microphones will be muted. This lets us avoid distractions from barking dogs, ringing telephones, and the like.

We’ve assigned Moderators and Tech Chiefs to keep the programs running without interruption.

Zoom has a Chat area where you may post questions of general interest during a presentation. Moderators will monitor the box and convey pertinent questions during or immediately after the presentation.

If you are having trouble navigating to some Zoom function, please put your question in the Chat and be patient until someone is able to help you.

If you see that someone else is having trouble navigating to some Zoom function, and can answer their question in the Chat, please do!

“Breakout Rooms,” where we can gather in smaller groups to visit and chat, will be offered during the Friday Meet and Greet and at other times on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Don’t worry if you have never used a Breakout Room before. We’ll tell you what to do when the time comes, and you can also have a look at our breakout room tip sheet beforehand, if you like.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the latest version of Zoom installed so this functionality works properly!

Finally, if you have attended in-person Clayathons, and hope to connect with friends, you’ll find Zoom to be a much different experience than the Seaview Hotel! You may want to arrange to “meet” in a particular “room” during one of the scheduled breaks, or to do so after the day’s events, in your own virtual meeting room. Or drop into Slack and see who’s there.